Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Animation Prototype V9

Here is the V9 Prototype of Bubble and Squeak:

As you can see there is only a small difference in this one compared to the V6 predecessor, which is that the building is now enlarge and slightly moved to make it look like the view is zooming in on the pet shops door as it opens. When I first attempted this various problems occurred that is the reason why there is a three version difference in the animation. The problems that arouse during this period was that the zoom in feature was going wrong, all the parts of the Cels for the buildings where snapping and half and where refusing to scale to the correct size. I fixed this by coping old versions of the cells and altered their properties in order to get close size matches with them for the required sizes so no more miss proportioning or snapping of cels occurred. As you can also see once I had fixed the fault in the animated zoom I started to create Bubble and Squeak and animate them in their tank and cage. I have successfully made the corrections I specified within final design blog post about fixing the proportions of Bubbles fins and the thickness of his joints making Bubbles look like an actual fish, meaning that the corrections have given birth to one of my most successful animated characters. When I animated him there were actually a few problems with him at first like he swam either too slow or two quickly they where easily fixed, one of the harder things that needed fixing was actually his tail movements due to the fact that the angle for it when swimming was tricking to recreate but thanks to my previous research on the natural body movements of fish I managed to get the angles on the fins correct making Bubble seem like he swam like a natural fish and because of a small trick I learnt involving reusing the cels instead of remaking I was able to so this easily.. I know that he doesn’t swim that far I will fix that in the next prototype. Squeaks on the other looks and acts like a mouse some what he was harder to animate then Bubbles especially his tail unfortunately while I did do the research on mouse body movements the animating of squeak was a bit harder then I thought.

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