Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Animation Prototype V13

Here is the V13 Animated Prototype of Bubble and Squeak:

Now I know that this is another large leap in prototypes but the reason for this was a lot of problems occurred with the animating and I couldn’t so all the other mistakes most of them involving the body parts of the cat and the angles that Bubbles swam but I manged to fix them by altering the  angle sand looking at the movements for both theses animals in hope of fixing then which I successfully did. The main faults with this version of the animation is that at one point near the very end of what has been created so far, the bowling ball just stops and then suddenly floats in the air before it vanishes and it is just a white image. I will fix these faults by continuing the animation which is the main cause for all three of these mistakes. There is also another mistake with the bowling ball which is that it starts to spin the wrong way, I will look into that and fix it in the next animation.

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