Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Storyboard Idea 1

Here is the first storyboard idea for Bubble and Squeak:


As you can see when I had a story line idea for Bubble and Squeak, I quickly sketched it down so that I didn’t forget. The story mainly gets it’s inspiration from animated cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and the Looney Tunes, the reason for this is that often two animated characters either causing each other or another character great pain or discomfort during an adventure can go down effectively with the target audience. It is often seen as funny when the character that suffers the pain often the villain because of the great sense of justice or just that the target audience enjoy seeing a character they dislike in pain from a ridiculous cause. While the idea that I have drawn up for this story board is quite strong in humor according to my target audience, they way the story board is drawn up is quite inappropriate in appearance. So I will need to print out a proper story board and redraw the story board out on it to show the idea again in a more professional way, with a few changes so that the animation isn’t too long and they story board is easier to understand.  For example some of the shots of the scene don’t have enough detail for the environment or character so I will need to strengthen that.


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