Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Pet Shop Inspirations

Here are images of Pet Shops I visited to gather inspiration for the Pet shop, which is going to be main setting for the animation:

The images where chosen because they show a wide range of influences that can be used to influence the environment for the Bubble and Squeak animation. Most of these images come from two types of pet shops one which is Beverley’s Pet Shop and the other Pet’s at Home. I chose these two shop because they show both ends of the scale with the Pet shops, for example Beverley’s Pet Shop is a small business, located within a small town in the country side. Straight away you can tell that the size and condition of the pet shop is influenced by the location, that explains why it is quite small in size due to the fact that the town it’s self small and is located in the country side so many large businesses aren’t actual involved within this town. The second pet shop was chosen due to the fact that it was located within a major city, Hull. Due to it’s location the shop was heavily influenced by this environment, the shop is fairy large in size and has a wide range of  products and pets for sale. While this version of Pets at Home is located within Hull it is actually a fairly large business that is national reaching various cities across the nation, meaning that the influence of it’s appearance doesn’t just stem from Hull it’s self but also the fact that it is a big corporate business.

These two factors have influenced my environmental concept quite effectively for example the idea for the pet shop which I will call Paws and Prints will be fairly small due to the fact that it will miss lead the target audience making them think that nothing ever happens in this general sort of shop, what I will also use to increase this deception is that I will also try to make the street appear mediocre as well. So I will either have various houses located next to it or other small businesses such as butchers or news agents, I will as well try to get sounds such as cars passing by or dogs barking to make it seem more like a quite but average pet shop. The interior will be more focused on the Pets at Home images so their will be various cages and pet environments involved within the shop, such as fish tanks of different shapes and sizes like above where a single tank has been turned into several different ones. These cages and fish tank will be able to be seen from outside the actual store through the windows or some of the windows will be converted to show of the pets or stock that the shop actually has in possession. The interior will also be influenced by several of the smaller pet shop’s stock in the photos for example the toys and treats, as well as pet guides which will make appearances as props within the animation to make it seem more pet shop like.


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