Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Final Design 3

Here are the final design ideas for the Bubble and Squeak:


The Final Design of Squeak is a developed and more successful design then my previous versions of him. This version while still a bit weirdly shaped gives the character a unique feel and shows the characteristic of a mouse effectively and somewhat realistic. Bubbles final design was the best out of the two and gave an excellent representation of a exotic fish with the patterns on him, that also make his design pleasing to the eye. His fins where designed like they are to make him a fast swimmer due to the aerodynamic nature of them.

There are a few design faults that still need fixing for this animation such as a thicker joint between bubbles’s main body and his tail mainly because while he may look like a actual fish his design still looks more like the actual kiddy way of drawing them with using an oval and triangle to produce the shapes. Another feature of Bubbles that needs fixing is that his top and bottom fins they are both miss-proportioned and miss shaped so I will fix these design mistakes as well. Squeaks also needs a few corrects while I am generally happy about his design, there a few tweaks needed such as how his legs are shown to be connected to his body that does need a little work and maybe how his tail moves but apart from that I think his current appearance as well as a few of the target audience believe his appearance is well suited for the animation.

I fix these mistakes by looking back at the videos that I had gathered for my research such as the mice video and the fish school video to understand how I can correct these mistakes such as the thickness and joint of Bubbles’s tail and the leg joints for Squeak.


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