Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Animation Prototype V3

Here is the one of the prototype animations, I have developed for the Bubble and Squeak Animation, I call it Bubble and Squeak Animation Prototype V3:

While it is only one second long this animation was mainly a test to see if the animation software was working as well as the cells for it had been successfully transferred over to Adobe Animate. Which it had without any disaster occurring when the project was started and edited into a digital video format with software such as Apple quick play. While the video may be very short, it still provides me with plenty of information to improve the next version of the prototype such as I need to lengthen the actual building locations time with the first scene because it isn’t long enough, one of the reasons why the animation is only a second long. This prototype also revealed to me that the shop didn’t look exactly right yet with it been in the wide open so In the next prototype I will add buildings to make the street that the pet shop is based on look more life like. The pet shop it self doesn’t exactly feel like well a pet shop, what is causing this is that apart from the name which is Paws and Prints nothing else at the moment seems to indicate that the shop is a place which sells pets. I have an idea to fix this in the next prototype though I will add a few pets to the shop window mainly fish and other aquatic creatures by modifying the left window of the shop to make it look like it is made out of various fish tank displaying these pets.

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