Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Development 2

Here are the development ideas from the previous design ideas:

The images are off the development of my previous ideas for Bubble and Squeak. The top left image is that of one of Squeaks Development ideas. This time the actual shaping of Squeak worked out better then the previous versions I did during the design idea stage. For example while the shapes of the mouse maybe somewhat childish it makes the character of Squeak more childish and actions easier to laugh at his actions throughout the animation. While Bubbles is starting to look more like a actual fish in appearance while he still did look quite childish in design the actual aspect of his fish nature is easy to see and the childish look adds to the comedy in the animation I am aiming for. I have experimented with several different developed ideas within this animation each unique to their own and as you can see the more the development for the characters progressed the more they looked like their actual animal counterparts, Bubble still more then Squeak regardless of how much I attempted, while occasionally the squeak did gain a proper mouse like appearance.

The environment idea stayed bound with the pet shop idea so a fish tank for Bubbles and a cage for Squeak was born to fit in with the idea of the pet shop. Most of the cages and Fish Tank ideas are based on or developed from actual cages and tanks used in actual pet shops and so was the appearance of the actual pet shop which will be called Paws and Prints. While the design aren’t the best in appearance they get the general design idea across such as a typical cage and tank containing homes for the characters such as a box with shaped windows and a castle. Some  tank designs also do included seaweed and several other stereotypical designs same as the cages have water feeders and other features.

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