Narrative Structure- Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Design Ideas 1

Here are the first Design Ideas for the Bubble and Squeak Animation which is inspired by the various videos of mice and fish that I have collected for this project to understand how these characters interact with each other and how they actually move.

These images are off my design ideas for the Bubble and Squeak animation, for the most part I experimented with the characters appearances so that I could find and develop them later on so that I could chose a final design. The first image on the top left is a couple of practice sketches of Bubble and Squeak to get the ideas flowing, as you can see at first I experimented with basic shape manipulation for both the shape of Bubble and Squeak. While this image shows the drawings are not the best mainly squeak, I knew I had to manipulate the shape of Squeaks better due to the fact that it looked nothing like a mouse, while Squeaks did have an appearance that did  reference a fish but not completely. The next couple of images where based on environment designs for the two characters to interact with throughout the animation. The first Ideas I worked on where fish tanks because Bubbles is a fish so he needs a tank to live in or else he won’t be able to survive, at first I went through the most iconic design for a fish bowl which is well a bowl, while it is a good general design it is used quite often by the Animation industry in cartoon such as Tom and Jerry and Bubbles needed more room to move, so I decided to change the design.

The next Design Idea I went with was the long rectangular tank that would allow Bubbles to move around quite easily in this tank and allows various items to be placed within this environment to allow various scenarios to occur within his tank. The tank design was also chosen as an idea manly because it is also pleasing to the eye in appearance due to the shape been rather basic but at the same time not overdone. The next fish tank was a more unique appearance in design, this time I made it a  triangular shape , what was interesting about this design idea was that it’s unique and draws the attention of audience to it, unfortunately the design is unrealistic so it wouldn’t make a suitable design for a fish tank.

I also experimented with the home for Squeak most of the ideas where influenced by a majority of Jerry’s homes from Warner Bros Tom and Jerry. Most of Designs involving a living room of some sort. While this location is some what iconic for a mouse it still works well with the theme of Mouse and Fish, such as if I did use the location idea, I could place the home of Bubbles nearby. I did also attempt a different environment design for this animation idea, which was a pet shop, I chose this as my best environment design because this idea has the best and most potential with the characters. The next few ideas where what inspired both Bubble and Squeaks developments and design ideas.

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