Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak – Inspiration

What inspired the actual idea of Bubble and Squeak was one day I was having my lunch and I heard someone ask for Bubble and Squeak nearby, I thought to myself how funny it would be to have a fish and mouse that are named after this very food the mouse been squeak and the fish been bubble, who are friends that get up to all sorts of mischief. This is what inspired the actual characters and their names.

What inspired the animation in development is actually several different animations, see below.

Tom and Jerry:

I chose these clip from the original Tom and Jerry series produced by Warner Bros Entertainment because of the interactions between all the animal characters, they will help me understand not only the common relationship between animated animal characters but also help give me ideas such as Bubble and Squeak flooding up the pet shop they live in by accident and them just messing around with the floating remains of the pet shop for a bit and  then maybe the door been open by the owner before all the water comes slushing out of it. This could offer a vast amounts of comedy to the audience to see what high junks the two animal friends get up to and the various angles that could be used for dramatic impetus makes it maybe the best choice of an short episode idea. Another idea I had was a cat gets to Bubbles and it’s up to Squeak to save the day with an overcomplicated plan involving a bowling ball and all the pet shop’s equipment. The idea could work but it may be too complicated but on the other hand it does offer lots of opportunity for dramatic impetus and the story like the previous idea draws people in to it.

Simon’s Cat:

I chose Simon’s Cat because I like the animation style that Simon Tofield came up with the animation not only because of it’s simplicity but also due to the fact that the simplicity allows the audience to focus on the actual story and the characters which is what makes the short animation so popular both on youtube and for some cat merchandise adverts. While the animated shorts does not contain any dramatic impetus due to the animation often only been a one angle focus, it does have a Dramatic Narrative which effectively draws in the characters and drives the story successfully, which allows the audience to focus on the characters immediately.

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