Notes for second year Animation:

Animation that will be shown publicly, if failed to be shown to a audience but have at least tried to do so marks are still attainable as long as evidence is shown for the project to show that there has been attempted to do so.

Must consider location to show Bullying Animation:

Beverly Grammar School

Beverley Public Library


Key words:

Dramatic Impetus – A Dramatic reason for why a dramatic event occurs within a film, animation or story e.g. a boxer gets knocked down and gives up but when he sees a young fan, he is inspired to get up and try even harder.

Emotive Content: A Scene that consists of a lot of emotive content that makes the target audience feel what the characters are experiencing, this can be done by various angles within a animation and film to get the strongest emotion out of a scene.

Other animation ideas to consider in the future:

King Arthur and Excalibur – An Animation set with the sword in the stone, with king Arthur walking up to it and trying to pull it out only to constantly fail even though he uses several different methods to remove it e.g. bombs, blowtorch etc., until a random person comes along and pull it out making them the king/queen.

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