Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak – Animal Research


The project I have chosen for the Fiction Animation for this Semester is a sort animation about two pets called Bubble and Squeak. Bubble is a fish, while Squeak is a mouse, the names are heavy clues to the actual animals they actually are. The setting is a pet shop, where these two characters interact with each other causing mischief and high jinks.



This image is from the DoMyOwnPestControl.Com website for mice. I chose this image for my research because it gives me an excellent view on how a mouse presents it’s body, this will allow me in the future when designing Squeak for this animation, in other words this will allow to manipulate the design of squeak to look more mouse like with the positioning of his hands. This image can also be used to show me how far the mouses ears and eyes are on the actual head, allowing me to manipulate the body of Squeak with his head, since I have a bit of trouble drawing the actual body of a mouse but this should help me develop they way I draw them to at least make the mice I draw look more realistic to the eye.


This Image comes from the DeviantArt Page, Ludolik, although this isn’t a actual image its is a frame apparently from a animated GIF. I chose this image for the mouse design ideas because this image shows how a mouse moves across the environment as well as how the limbs are positioned when it does so. This will help me understand not only the limb movements when it comes to actual animating Squeak but also how he would move within either a open environment and a closed one.


This images is from the wikipedia page on mice. I chose this image due to the fact that it helps me understand how many different variations in both species and fur their actually is. This is help due to the fact it allows me to have a large range of design ideas and colour schemes for Squeak.


fish-07This image is from website. The reason why I chose this image because it is that of a stereotypical gold fish and this helps me understand the basic anatomy of a fish e.g. proportioning of the fins, the sizes of the eyes etc. While the gold fish is a very stereotypical fish in animation, I will not be using per say, I mainly used this species of fish to show the basic shape of the fish and give me something to work with.


This image is from Wikipedia’s Paradise Fish Page. I chose this fish, called the Paradise Fish because of the colour scheme of the Paradise fish has a wide range of vibrant colours and how the fish shows it with it’s variations of patterns make the fish’s appearance very visually appealing to the target audience, this could be very handy for Bubbles design.


Video owned by CreekValleyCritters on Youtube. I chose this video for my research because it allows me to see the way a actual mouse actual moves and interacts with the environment. As you can see this video shows the mouse called Zorro moving around and I can analyse this to make Squeak more life like. The legs on the baby mouse often move quickly and lightly, allowing the mouse to scurry along across the environment with easy, the muscle also allow it to adjust to the sudden change in terrain easily.

Video owned by PlayerResidentCraft on Youtube. I chose this video because of the wide verities of species of fish there is a wide range of different movements that I can use for reference. By studying all the different variations of movement sued by the fish I can use these to make Bubbles own movement within the animation.