Narrative Structure – Non Fiction Animation: Bullying: The Life of a Victim: Bully Reserach

This post will be used to gather research on bullies to help me produce a bully for victim in the bullying animation. One of the images I found was a great source of inspiration for the bully in this animation.

As you can see this gives the stereotypical image of a bully picking on his victim for a random reason be that he wants the money of the victim, he enjoys it or he’s doing it because he is bullied himself and he needs to take his anger out on someone. The gesture he is using is that of a threatening one making sure the victim knows his place, while the shivering of the victim indicates the actual fear of the victim.

The clothing as well as the face of the bully suggest that a bully can look like a regular kid and from my own personal experience I can indeed confirm that this is true due to the fact that anyone can become a bully depending on the environment or the experiences they have.

Again this shows that the clothing of a bully can change this bully’s appearance is that of a stereotypical ruffian who wears tattered shirts and trousers. As well as a almost shaven head, most likely to show his toughness of and to intimidate his victims.

This image was quite interesting for my research because unlike the other images, the actions in the image showing verbal abuse instead of physical abuse. What makes this valuable to my animation research is that it displays various actions that target the audience in the process as well as the other character e.g. the laugh and pointing from the bullies at the victim, it makes you feel extremely bad and emotional for the him.


I chose this image due to the fact that it gives excellent examples of what bullies call their victims, which depending on the victims resistance to taunting can either be weak or quite powerful and theses only affect the audience if they saw the victims expression.

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