Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying: The Life of a Victim: Bully Final Body Design

Here is the final body design for the Bully Animation:


As you can see I have combined all the favorite features form my other designs according to what people said  about them. The spike hair was actual influenced by the ragged looking bully image from my research as was most of the state of the clothing, while the actual appearance and style of the clothing was inspired from the first image of having regular clothing as you can see below.

The hoodie idea originated from the bully wearing the blue jumper, as well as the often associated concept of those looking for trouble who are young wearing them to conceal their faces from view. This image was also used to give me the idea for the trouser colour scheme later on.

The downside with this version of the final design was that the actual waist design of the bully was incorrectly done so he look like he was suffering from weight loss and all you could see was his bones. My Tutor Janis stated that he also needed to have his cloths baggier to show that he isn’t under weight or wearing skin tight clothing.

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