Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying: The Life of a Victim: Bully Colour Scheme

Here are the various colour schemes for the Bully:

The colour schemes here are attempts to make the bully blend in with the rest of the characters within the animation, so that it makes it look like they are an ordinary person. The colour scheme of the character was also developed to also show the bully nature in the character. The first character colour scheme for his hoodie utilities a blue colour one that is quite similar to the Victim’s shirt colour, the reason for this was to display his link to the victim as well as to indicate that he goes to the same school as him. The stain admittedly on his hoodie was a mistake but when I saw it on this colour scheme, I realized it could be used to hint his bullying nature along with the torn segments of his clothing. The colour of the hair was chosen due to the fact that it revealed his dark but instituter natuire to the audience as well as myself and the colour of his trousers did the same.

The next colour scheme was admittedly not my best none of the colours seemed to match his  personality or character. The only reason I could come up with for his white hoodie apart from it been aesthetically pleasing to the eye is that the white is used to how what little innocence he actually has left to the audience. The final colour scheme was voted the favorite because of the link to the victim via his hoodie colour again but also his red hair which represents his anger and hatred towards the victim. It was stated that I did this as an early warning to help indicate that the bully is who and is coming because red means danger.

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