Acting and Audience: Undercover Grandma: Criminals Concept Art 1

Here are the first early concept pieces for the criminals for the Undercover Grandma Animation:

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Theses design ideas where inspired by the images that I had collected or have seen in order to help me with this such as the GTA announcement concept art that I used on my research page for the criminals post.

As you can see I  attempted to combine both the stereotypical standing out in the crowd criminal appearance with the blend in with the crowd. This can be seen with my most of my shirt designs, they are often draw to look like standard shirts or jumpers but they will have a few features that give away that the wearer has some-sort of criminal history. For example one of the shirts has a stereotypical burglar mask on the front and underneath it says Crime does Pay are some of the most obvious examples I could give you.

As you can see this is one of the images that inspired my work the most due to the fact that it displays that anyone can be a criminal regardless of appearance but their are still some sort factors that display their law breaking nature.

The two favorite shirt designs where both hoodies, according to the target audience I showed, the hoodies appearance not only made it easier for the criminals to blend in with crowd easily making it hard for them to be seen by the police but it also did the opposite with the actual hood part of the jumper allowing them, the target audience to spot who was the actual criminal. Apparently the jumper looks appealing to the eye as well suiting the criminals personality of been mysterious and hard to catch as well as understand.

The favorite trousers design for the first criminal was standard ripped jeans due to to the fact that it gives the nature of the criminal to this characters as well as making him look cool in the process. The second favorite apparently was the green trousers that had chains coming out of the pockets, according to the target audience they stated that it gave the criminal not only an attitude but also a strong sense of don’t mess with me.

A standard pair of shoes apparently where the best choice to go with the outfit while the faces of the characters that were chosen by the target audience, one criminal wearing a pair of square shaped sun glasses with and a baseball cap and the second criminal wearing slick back hair with oval shaped sun glasses. Apparently the reason why these designs were liked was because it made them not only easier to spot that they were criminals but it also made them appear more mysterious.





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