Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying: The Life of a Victim 1

Here are the first designs for Bulling Animation:

Bullying Ideas 1 Bullying Ideas 2 Bullying Ideas 3 Bullying Ideas 4 Bullying Ideas 5

My first few designs Idea’s for this project was too have various things associated with bulling such as items been broken, crying, been punched, school bells etc. my notes are already located on the scanned sketches. These ideas at first where OK they focused on the idea of a Non fiction animation idea, unfortunately they didn’t get the point I wanted across yes the animated items appeared and produced animation but it wasn’t the best sort of idea for this project. Another problem with this project was that it gave the impression that the actual animated short was well too short, it needed to be a bit longer so that it gave the impression that it was and actually is a non-fiction animation.


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