Narrative: Non Fiction – Bullying: The Life of a Victim 4 Colour Scheme

Here are colour schemes for the victim:

Victim Colour Scheme 6 Victim Colour Scheme 5 Victim Colour Scheme 4 Victim Colour Scheme 2 Victim Colour Scheme 1 Victim Colour Scheme 3

The first colour scheme isn’t the best I will admit doesn’t look the vest and several others agree with me because there is too much grey within this image making the uniform seem quite dull and boring, the only redeeming factor of this colour scheme is the tie which looks quite nice. The second colour scheme is just as dull and this time the tie doesn’t seem to be a redeeming factor according to the target audience I showed it to. The third colour scheme was one of the favorite ones due to the blue colour the downside was that the grey’s used in the trousers was quite dull and didn’t seem like it suited in the design. The fourth colour scheme was another one of the favorite design due to the fact that  it was based more on a traditional design for school uniform then anything else and that is why it was so popular due to the fact that it seemed more memorable then anything else. The fifth colour scheme was the worst idea out of the all no one liked it, myself included, we felt that the colours clashed too much. The final design is the one I have chosen to use because it comes out colorful and attractive as well as sticking somewhat to the original school clothing design, which made it seem so much more believable and appealing to the eye.

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