Acting and Audience Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context Animation- Story Board

Story Brief:

Using the sketches of Emotive Context and Dramatic Impetus that were drawn from studies outside the classroom for these subjects to create a short animated story that utilizes these methods to display my understanding of them.

Here is the Story Board for the project, the notes are located on the Story Board:

Story Board 1 Story Board 2

As you can see this story board needs up dating it isn’t the best so I will be improving it and then posting it up, I have already done this, it is more of an update notice but it will be posted up soon, the action scene may be harder to do then I thought according to my tutor so I have cut that out and as you can probably tell I have redesigned the criminal so they are easier to identify. While this doesn’t get the full story across since it needs changes it still shows the general story that I want to display dramatic impetus and emotive and does so with these factors effectively.

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