Acting and Audience: Drawing Exercise 5 – Final Environments

Here are the final version of the environments for the fiction Undercover Grandma project, as you can see I went for the final version of both the grass park and the water front most of the design are based on the grassy plain.

Sketch143133621 Sketch14314168 Sketch14312911 Park Park 2

The first three versions of the background are hand drawn on my electronic table using drawing software as well as wide range of colours. The first one is of the water front in the park, a selection of blue and greens are use to identify the actual water as well as where the water meets with the path of the park. In the second and third hand drawn images I used various colours that helped show the area I wanted to the best of the three electronic drawings is the third one because it shows the where everything is fine and is easy to understand. The last two images are created on google sketch up and give excellent representations of what the two possible backgrounds for the animation would look like,

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