Fiction: Acting and Audience Drawing Exercise 4 – Colour Schemes

Here are the colour schemes for the final design of the Undercover Grandma:

IMG_20151021_0002 IMG_20151021_00019 IMG_20151021_0006 IMG_20151021_0005 IMG_20151021_0004 IMG_20151021_0003

The first image was one of the okay colour schemes that I came up with, most people said that the red suited her but the blue trousers with the green wellies didn’t work that well with her clothing, it came out as an eyesore, while the colour of the bag was plain out awful. The second design had the same colour trousers and wellies but I changed the colour of the jacket making it white with red highlights and the bag a dark green colour, all together though the colour scheme isn’t the best to many colours clash. The third design utilized more plain based colours such as grays and blacks while keeping the colour of the bag green, in my opinion this version came out looking very dull and boring but it did make her seem like she wasn’t a threat. The fourth version of the is slightly different from the previous version with the colours in reverse but still had a similar feel to the previous version as does the fifth version, the only difference with this one is the red bag in an attempt to make it more colourful. The final version though was the most popular because it utilizes features from it’s predecessors that make her seem more life like but at the same time it helps her blend in really well with the rest of the world and the colours also match the often colour seen with a person of the elderly age.

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