Fiction: Acting and Audience Drawing Exercise 3

The next section is the area design and development:


All of the sketches are based on the local park nearby.

Park 3 design Park 2 design Park 1 design

The first sketch focuses on a grassy area with trees for the people sitting on the bench to see. or in the case of the story line it offers a shady place for the dealers to trade what ever they are trading in the shadows away from the viewing eye of the public. I liked this idea somewhat but it appeared to be simplistic, so I  moved on to the next section.

The second sketch is that of just a plain grassy area but there are park benches in the vivacity as well as plant pots filled with various plants. This was one of the main favorites out of the three designs due to the fact that it is rather basic but it allows a lot of room for various things to happen with in it.

The final image focuses on the fountain part of the park, which admittedly I didn’t get in my photos but it is a nice piece of scene but it may not be the best choice for a trade off scene on the other hand various water front environments have been used for trade off scenes like in oceans 11.

Here are some more environment designs for the Undercover Grandma Animation most of them involving one or two of the same designed bench design taken from a nearby park but has various alterations to the environments such as various plants, having a pond with various Lilly pads or art displays, which stated where all appealing apart from the last one due to the fact that the design of the arts display placed in the pond, which in my defense is from the parks actual pond.


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