Fiction: Acting and Audience Drawing Exercise 2

Here are some more of my development ideas for this project.

Old Lady Sketches 8 Old Lady Sketches 9 Old Lady Sketches 10 Old Lady Sketches final Random Old Lady Sketches

These sketches are the developed ideas for the Undercover Grandma, the main focus of theses sketches was the face development  of the undercover grandma. What I focused on the most on the face was the actual wrinkles, to help indicate her age or to make her appear the age I wanted her to be.

download (1)

From this image I got the idea of where I could strategically place the wrinkles on the undercover Grandma, such as from the nose to the chin. This image greatly help me design the final images of the undercover grandma’s face.

The bottom image is me trying to developing the handcuffs for the undercover Grandma, although most the designs were focusing on using a variety of shapes for actual hand cuffs but in the end I decided that if it was going to be in a modern setting that the cuffs design should stay the same as the ones used today. The rest of the sketches are focusing on the form of which the elderly woman walks, my first few attempts where not the best I will admit but eventually I start to develop the actual positioning of the spine into the desired one, the second and third images display this.

download (2)The fourth image is my final design and as you can see compared to this image the actual aspect of the elderly both with wrinkles but also the arched back when walking around. So according to both theses previous images I have used to compared with my designs, that the final design basically captures the escence of the elderly very well.

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