Narrative Structure – Non-Fiction Animation: Bullying, Victims and Their Families

The section of have chosen to go into for my bullying, is that of Victims and their Families. I chose this section due to the fact that I thought that a Non-Fiction Animation based on a victim and how they react and deal with bully as well as how their family responds to their child experiencing these things would not only be quite informative but also interesting.

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I also thought of some questions that can be asked to the people I interview later on for this animation in order to gather more data. The candidates best for this animation’s research are primary school children due to the fact that often in the research that is done on bullying, it appears that Bullying happens more often during primary school then in secondary school or nursery, my Tutor agreed that this was probably the best selection of candidates.

  • Have you ever been bullied? – Obvious Question I know but it allows me to know if the child I am asking has ever been bullied.

This question is actually answered with a yes quite a lot due to the fact that in the childhood a lot of kids are actually bullied by there peers or teachers (Though the teacher one isn’t that common due to child safety laws and other protective rights). Only a few of the people I question did actually say no, this is because of several reasons one is they are actually the bully, two they never given a bully a reason to pick on them and three there aren’t bullies who live near them.

  • If so how does it feel? – Now I know this question seems slightly heartless and stupid to ask but every one feels different, when bullied so it is also quite¬†interesting and I might get a wide range of different replies.

Most common answers is that it hurts both emotionally and physically, some of these did lead to them saying it helps toughen themselves up or darker thoughts such as hurting the bully back.

  • What was your worst experience? – Can help identify the severity of actual bullying.

The most common response actually was that they had been attack by the bully or forced into a fight against them or been followed home with constant torments been spewed at them, the lesser been they lunch money other belongings been stolen by the bullies.

  • What was your best experience? – Can help identify the severity of actual bullying.

Simple name calling is often the most common response other been the bullies been caught doing the bullying.

  • Who can and do you got to for help?

Common response again is going to a parent or teach to sort it out before it gets any worse, although this doesn’t all ways help or just to ignore it apparently.

  • What do you think can be done to prevent bullying?

One of the responses was to show the bully how it feels or try to treat everyone equally.

  • Do you help others after they have been bullied?

Both yes and no where stated and occasionally a sometimes, if it is someone I am close to.

  • What are other peoples reactions to when you get bullied?

They ignore me and the bully or join in.

All these responses are going to be great help for my Non-Fiction Bullying animation in the future because I can use this data to develop my story line for the animation as well as help me organise my characters response to it.


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