Narrative Structure – Non-Fiction Animation: Bullying

I have decided that the non fiction animation will be based on the Bullying:

The reason for this is that it has a wide subject area to cover and I have some what of an experience in it since, i was often a victim to bullying. There are also hundred of sources on bullying all over the internet, Tv, books etc.

Sighs of Bullying:

  • Belongings mysteriously going missing or getting damaged
  • Unexplained injuries or others physical injuries
  • Fear of going to school/mysteriously ill/skipping of school
  • Not doing well at school
  • Disappearing of Money/not having lunch
  • Being Nervous, losing confidence, becoming distressed and withdrawing of ones self.
  • sleeping and eating problems
  • bullying of others
  • Few friendships
  • Aren’t accepted by peers
  • Suspicious or wary of others
  • Adjusting poorly to school and or don’t do well
  • Wetting the bed

Risks for the children who bully:

  • Substance Misuse e.g. drugs and alcohol
  • Academic Problems
  • Violent Behaviour in later life

Effects on children who witness bullying:

  • Reluctant to got to school
  • Frightened or unable act
  • Guilt for not doing nothing to help

Question that you should ask one’s self:

  • I their anything else bothering my child?
  • Has there been any changes at home like a new baby, marriage, divorce or separation?
  • Is my child the victim or the bully?
  • if my child is the bully what can I do?
  • If my child is the Victim what can I do?

Things that can be done to stop bullying:

  • Talk to adult that you trust
  • stay away from where the bullying happens
  • stay near adults and other kids.

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