Narrative Structure – Non-Fiction Animation Ideas

Here is a list of ideas, I have considered for my Non-Fiction Animation along with some of the reason why I have included them in the idea as well as why I won’t be using them:

Bullying: The reason for choosing this as one of the options is that Bully is a well known problem across the globe that can divide into several other problem or are made up from it such as Racism, Sexism etc. So choosing would provide a wide range of information for me to use as well as allowing me to narrow down on my main point effectively while using others who have had bad bully experiences. This idea would be used to help students understand the sighs of bully as well as how to help people who are been bullied or ways on how to prevent them from reaching a dangerous stage.

Alcohol and Drugs: The reason for this choice was that drugs are common but also well known, so I thought that maybe making a Non-fiction based on the use of these drugs and maybe the signs that can be seen when some one is using them or abusing theme e.g. taking an inhaler to much because they like using the steroids instead of using it when the need to etc.

The next option I considered was that of the founding of the town Beverley. When I first thought of this idea, i thought that it would work due to the town having a large rich history but I later discovered that the history had a lot of wholes in it as well as knowledge that was quite questionable. So this made the idea slightly unappealing but also the fact that if I used half the information that we presented it might appear more fiction based due to the fact that there are several different versions of the town’s founding e.g. the Vikings landing – this story though has several alternate endings or continuations within it, making ti hard to get the true story.

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