Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context Animation – Drawing Exercise 1

Here are my first attempts at drawing various faces, items and a couple of poses for the old woman in the exercise.

Undercover Agent Old Lady Storyboard 1Old Lady Sketches 1 Old Lady Sketches 2 Old Lady Sketches 3 Old Lady Sketches 4 Old Lady Sketches 5 Old Lady Sketches 6 Old Lady Sketches 7

The first image is that of a story board that I was asked to make for this exercise as well. The general story of is basically what I stated in the previous blog but it goes into a deeper depth. The rest of the images that are in this post are some ideas for this exercise mostly of her face and the actual push trolley that she has with her. The first couple of images of her face are most of her looking quite young since I was looking into how her face structure and hood would look. Some of theses came out looking fairly decent, all though her actual face looks quite young, but I do need to keep practising the human face more, I am still not comfortable with not been able to draw it.

The next images focused on making her look older and after looking at several images online (See Below), I have been able to do that somewhat.

funny_strange_amazing_old_woman_ladies_pics_images_pictures_photos_9-2 goran-vrcel-zorica-closeup images

I studied how age is shown using these images, each different from the other showing different ways of doing so, the image that I found that was most effective int his was actually the second and third images of these elderly women. This is due to the fact that once I add wrinkles to later designs in similar or close positions, my character seem to look more elderly and this is what I was aiming for. Although i discovered that one can add to many wrinkles in a drawing and that it makes the character on the paper look absolutely ridiculous or hard to find the characters actual face.

My later drawings included the elderly women’s police/agent badge and her push trolley because the women I based this on used one. The images below are what I used for inspiration as well as the link:

Elderly Push Trollies:  

images (1)download (1) download (2)

These gave me the general ideas for my characters, push trolley as well, most of the ideas at first were based on the first image, at first I though it was a good idea but I then started to see that it was quite boring and seemed a bit to squarish to me and several others agreed. The second image didn’t seem to fit with idea is was thinking for this project but I still used it as a reference for the wheels and the frame somewhat. The third image is what last few design ideas were based on and is personally one of my favourites, if you look at the fifth image this contains most of the development of the push trolley showing the development between my sketches as these three images.

The final section of my images was a focus on the actual positions of the old women when she was walking to her seat from where she would inspect the people walking by in order to find her target. The positions shown all are good and bad for example the first images spine is ever a bit too long but the head size and the limbs work quite well,while the the last sketches image is spine has come out like I wanted it bent but not to long while the head and limbs are too small and are out of position.

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