Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus amd Emotive Context Animation: Drawing Exercise Research

My first lesson back at my art school and we were set a new task, which was to go to the local park and sit down. Then from their we had to look around at all the other people within the park, once we had found something that caught our attention we had to take a picture of it and then sketch it out. Once we had a decent sketch and picture, we returned to our studio and proceeded to come up with a short story by using the images and sketches that we had collected.

The images below are the pictures I took to inspire me:

Photo0052 Photo0053 Photo0054

Park Sketch Old Lady

These images gave me the idea for one of my Non-Fiction projects. The Idea i got from these images was that the actual gran that you can see in the images and sketch is actually an undercover cop, who has been placed there on a mission to track down various criminals that are trying to avoid been detected by the police and other organisations. This Idea came to me when I watching the old lady, who inspired me, I noticed that lots of people walked by her with out giving her a glance, but she was looking at everyone with a keen eye like she was judging them and she seemed to tense and her stare got deeper when a large group of hooded people passed by her. During this time two of the lads in the group dropped rubbish, so the old lady got up and told them off, which ironically they were terrified of her.

This idea is fairly decent because it based on the idea of stereotypical people who wears hoods cause trouble because they don’t want their faces to be seen by others. I used i because it seems good bases for a story that didn’t seem realistic but at the same time it wasn’t to boring.

The link below is to help me draw a elderly woman’s face:

Elderly Woman’s faces 1:

Elderly Woman’s Faces 2:

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