Narrative Structure -Non Fiction Animation: Research

Non-Fiction Animation is an animation that is based or uses an actual event or source from the actual world not something made up. Theses animations can have various themes/genres such as documentaries, educational, campaigns etc. Example of this are below:

Waltz with Bashir” – Creative Non-fiction/docudrama – Trailer

Dan Pink and RSA Animate – “The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us” – Full Lecture 11 minutes

Jerry Levitan, Josh Raskin and illustrators James Braithwaite & Alex Kurina

“I Met The Walrus” – John Lenon interviewed by the then 14 yr old Levitan

in 1969, animated in 2007 (38 years later), Emmy winning, Oscar Nominated. – 5 minutes

“REDD” – Animated Enviromental Message from the Shroom Studio project. – Micro Short – 1 minute.

1946, Kimberly-Clark/Kotex/Disney , Docudrama – “The Story of Menstruation” – 10 minute Film

A beautiful and simple animated biography of Kate Bush from the Why Music Matters website –

1918, Windsor McKay – “The Sinking of The Lusitania” – Animated News film – Silent, with Text Boards.

“Our Friend The Atom” – Part 3 – the animation starts about 3 minutes in…

and the links on my hesiranimation blog pages on the link below:

All these Non-Fiction Animation will be handy in the future to help me develop my own Non-Fiction Animation because they have shown me the differences between a Fiction and Non-Fiction Animation. These differences are simple things such as they often use actual data to create a working story based on this, that is often true and tells a story such as an animation on WW2 or WW1. These can be seen within the actual music and imagery used within the animation as well as the action of the characters. A dramatic war song use to show how the soldiers at the battle of Normandy sacrificed themselves for their countries.

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