Summer Work 4

Here is another blog on my summer Work:

Atmocity 1 Atmocity 2Ploceidae The Weaver quicker sketch Pounder the Bull concept 1 Pounder the Bull Concept 2 Pounder the Bull Concept 3 Pounder the Bull Concept 4 Pounder the Bull Concept 5 Pounder the Bull Concept 6Swoop the Nightengale Concept 1Team Breezes Extreme Gear

Most of these drawings are attempts at expanding the work I did on Ploceidae The Weaver by working on his team. Team Breeze most of the images are my attempts at introducing Pounder the Bull. I started my work on him by attempting the to draw his shoes and gloves at first the work for the shoes and gloves came out awfully. But the the gloves weer the worst part because I couldn’t get the proportioning of the hands right until the final image where I managed to get them to look more like hands enough to present how his gloves would look him. The shoes developed quite quickly, a lot quicker then the gloves. The downfall of this section was Pounder’s actual face for a while I couldn’t get it right because when I drew his mouth he came out looking moire like a pig because I couldn’t capture his mussel correctly. Eventually I did get it right after looking over several characters that had similar problems within the Sonic Universe. One of the images is one of my attempts at developing the appearance of Swoop the Nightingale which I only have just started working on. The images at the top of this blog are of Team Breezes base of operation called Atmocity, which when I first attempted to draw knew I had captured it’s essence.

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