3D Animations: Simple Objects

Here is my first ever attempt at Lightwave 3D Animation Software:

Now all the movements of shapes here were move by the move, rotate, twist, stretch and size options on the Lightwave software and this was our introduction to the animation by our Tutor to get us use to the feel of using Lightwave for the very first time and it was a strange but unique experience. Surprisingly it actual took a while to get the animations to work how we wanted for this animation.

Mistakes: There were a few mistakes when this animation was first created one been the lighting, there wasn’t very much of it so you had to squint your eyes to see what was happening within the animation, that will need to be fixed by changing the angle and positioning of the current light and add more lights in different positions. The next mistake was that their was no floor so it made the animation feel really unrealistic, so next time I will need to add flooring and a texture to the animation to create shadows and make it seem more realistic.

Corrections: The corrected versions has all the previous indicated mistakes fixed for example there is now a floor and a texture making it seem more like a child’s room and the shadows help but the objects into a perspective and make it seem more realistic. The lighting is a lot better and the shapes can now bee seen more clearly.

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