3D Animations: Creating Objects/Characters Skins/Layout in Lightwave Layout

A layout can be created by a object by going to the Surface Editor tab under the main menu and selecting it, after the Surface Editor menu has loaded up select the surface you which to change on the list on the menu. Then select the window tab in the main menu and open the Presets Menu. Once the Presets menu has loaded up select the tab that says none, from here a large ranges of tabs will have dropped down each been various stores preset surface layouts either by the maker of Lightwave as part of the package or that have been made by other users. The preset that you desire for the surface  can then be placed on the surface editor by double clicking the preset and then the computer will ask you if you are sure that this is the preset you want to use, click yes. The surface will then change to the one you set and then you can close down both the preset and surface editor unless you wise to change how the surface reacts to light e.g. reflective properties. The Surface can be reset to the original surface by repeating this process but by going to the worksurface tab in the draop down menu and double clicking the worksurface preset.

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