3D Animations: Creating Objects/Characters on Modeler

To create a simple object on Lightwave Modeler, first a quad view must be set up on modeler so that the object been made can be seen from various angles to make sure it is at the desired requirements while been made. The first thing you do once the view has been set up is that you create a shape on modeler for example a square on one of the views, in order to do this you must have the create menu open on modeler and look under the primitives menu. Then on another view, you select another one of the sides of the shape and pull to your desired distance and the 2D shape you created a few minuets ago has become a 3D One. From here you can a variety of things to the 3D Object under the Modify Menu such as twisting the shape, moving it and shearing it etc. Theses settings can be used to change the appearance of the shape into a new form. Objects can also be created via the pen under the create menu if you want to create a object from a image that is imported into the software to trace from and again this can then be dragged out into the desired shape to create a 3D clone of the image.

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