3D Animation: Man Bowing

Here is the another one of the 3D animation that I have prepared:

The original of this animation couldn’t be recovered unfortunately but I still had the model ma so I managed top recreate the scene with new movements as well as including several new features within the animation mainly the skin of the man as well as the floor covering. What I mean by this is originally the man was known as Mr Blu tack but I have edited his skin layer to appear more humanistic by having a human skin layer attached instead. I also edited the floor to make the bowing seem more realistic, i did this because old fashion dojo floors were often made out of leather so I found a leather preset and changed the surface editor to match the floor from a old fashion dojo to make it seem more realistic. Their have been major improvements on this version of Mr Blu Tack such as I have made his movement more refined and less jagged meaning he moves more like an actual man, while the predecessor of this animation appeared to be running rather ruggedly and inhumanly. The reason I created a new version of Mr Blu Tack is that a floor and various lights have been utilized within the animation. The reason for this is that floor makes the character appear like he is in a certain environment that helps explain what the character is doing so that is one of the reason why the floor was placed with the animation another reason why was that it create a feeling of space with in the animation as well. The lights where chosen to highlight what the character was doing within the animation as well as to draw in the attention of the target audience.

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