The Twelve Principles of Animation Research: Solid Drawing

The Principle of Solid Drawing is focus of drawing 3D Solid Objects within an animation to make the animation seems more realistic by creating these solid objects. This doesn’t just mean drawing a shape with more then one face this also means to take into account the various factors such as weight, height, anatomy and lightening within the object and it’s environment.

A perfect example of this is the clip below:

Now yes the clip has been edited but the main point of me using this clip is to show the use of Solid Drawing and this one of the best representations with animation due to the fact that not only does it have 3D Solid objects within it but it also has some 3D Solid Objects that focus more on the various attributes of the animation principle of solid objects. This can be seen with the animation of the EYE Phone mass production machine which is a solid object and this is shown clearly by the various elements such as weight, height and light and shadow, with the moving of the machine. I have used this Principle lots of time throughout my first year of the BA Honors animation course with my projects such as my Narrative work such as the Radiation Runner Bus Stop, Crime City Bridge, Awesome Alps Food Vendor. It has also been included within my other projects such as FIREWALL!, Classy Clyde The Builder etc.

The only thing that I need to consider for now on within my animations for now on is to work on my shading of my actual Solid Objects for now on and my anatomy since most 3D Drawing I do cover a majority of the Solid Object factors, apart from like I said shading and anatomy but the last only applies to Solid Object of people and animals.

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