Creative Futures: Narrative Development – Library

This brief is to focus yet again on producing a narrative for an animation by just using the environment that you have created as long as it has enough details within it to give a good impression of the narrative.

The purpose of a Library is “Any place at which a individual or a body of people have decided to store, display and/or catalogue a range of Text’s”. These texts can be in the form of codex (books) Scrolls or any other means of storing information such as holograms etc.

The Library can be open to the public, The Library can be abandoned, it might be a reflection of a culture. (This must be reflected within the environment and props, this includes the architecture).

It can be from any timeline or genre but has to be in either pencil, paint, pen/Ink, digital 2D, Traditional/Digital 3D, moving images etc.

The Project must include Research/Inspirations, Design Ideas, Development Ideas, Final Design and the final version of the project. The animators must have either a finished piece of concept art or a story board.

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