3D Animations: Triceratops Eating Grass

Here is my next 3D Animation that was produced by the Lightwave software and again it was supplied by my tutor. This animation is that of a Triceratops eating grass, this time instead of just focusing on Facial expressions and movement, I focused on the actual movement of the triceratops.

I created the movement of Triceratops by Creating a Skeleton for it and linking them all of via pivots and then moving the limbs throughout the recording of the animation in to the desired positions so that a sense of realism is created. The entire process does take a while but in the end it is quite enjoyable and worth it. The short animation that I created is quite well done due to the fact that the head and tail work quite well and do not appear to move artificially within the chosen environment. The only downfall within this section of the animation is that I forgot to animate the legs a bit so it looks a bit artificial down near the bottom of the Triceratops. What also made this animation seem more realistic is that it had a back ground in it as well that looks like it was from the Jurassic period.

Mistakes: Grass needs to be placed in to make it seem like he is actually eating grass,another thing that needs to be corrected is the lighting due to the fact that the body of the Triceratops wasn’t fully light so patches of him look darker then others, so I might need to consider a three point lighting.

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