3D Animations: Devil Expressions

Here is my very first 3D Animation, the actual objects with the animation such as the devils face where provided to use via our tutor but all the movement within the animation where created by me via the 3D Animation Software Lightwave.

This is a decent first attempt all though I think I need to work on the actual speed of the characters movement due to the fact that he is moving quite fast, although this does work for the devil’s mouth due to the fact that it create the effect of making him look like he can talk with thew speed his lips are moving. The rest of the expressions I think need to be altered such as his sneer needs to be slowed down and his winking needs to be sped up just a bit but the rest of the animation actually works really well, for my first attempt this came out really well.

Mistakes: Lighting his face in with the current lighting isn’t the best it is actually hard to see how the animation is doing with the current lighting so I need to tweak the actual animation lighting, maybe I should make it appear more sinister to suit the actual devil appearance by moving the light underneath to make it look like a scary ghost story scene.

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