Narrative Food Vendor: Research and Inspirations

This section of my Food Vendor Narrative is focusing on the idea and objects all ready existing that have given me the inspiration for Awesome Alps Food.

This first image is that of a Fruit and Veg Vendor located just of Beverley Road within Hull. The reason why this image inspired me is because yes it maybe a standard Vendor but it sells the main focus of the narrative that has been set for this task. The stall is also temporary which was quite interesting due to the fact that it is able to be taken down and put back in up in about half an hour.


The next image is that of another vendor but this one specializes in Phones not food and drink. This vendor caught my interest due to the fact that the actual stall may look small but the interior of the stall can store a wide range of inventory within it easily. The stall is also waterproof allowing the protection of the productions inside. This vendor is located within Victoria Square London.

2015-03-28 10.58.49

This next image is of a Burger Vendor that only occurs on Saturdays in Saturday Market Beverley. This vendor caught my interest due to the fact that the actual vendor is easy to pack away and then can be towed away easily as well. This vendor also allows the cooking or reheating of food, which is makes this vendor very interesting.

2015-03-28 10.59.07

This next image is that of a cheap stall which did inspire me due to the fact that is just flowers on top of a few wooden planks that hold up the merchandise. But the reason it inspired me is due to the fact that it is basic but gets the purpose of the products and the stall across to the target audience. Again this stall is located within the Saturday Market, Beverley.

2015-03-28 10.59.26

The next image is that of another Stall within Saturday Market. This stall specializes within Italian style food. This vendor is made out of simple steel support pipes and water proof fabric. The vendor is set up to show the wide range of produce that the stall has to offer which is a effective way of displaying them.

2015-03-28 10.59.54The next stall is made of the same material as the Italian food vendor, making it a good example of a quick and cheap means of seeing one products to the target audience. The set up of the Vendor is alright it is more messy then anything else and makes it hard to find the product the target audience is looking for.

2015-03-28 10.59.59

This final image here is one of the unique stalls that is located within Saturday market like the previous other stalls. The reason for it been unique is that unlike the the other temporary vendors this one is made out of a small portable container that expands into this stand. This is inspiration due to the fact that how it can expand and retract as well as it been portable.

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