Drawing Development: Perspective Drawings Attempt 1

Here are some of my early attempts at Perspective Drawings, we were told by our tutor Gareth to work on our perspective drawings for future work:

One Point Perspective Railway

My first attempt at One Point Perspective since my A level and GCSE Graphic Design Classes. This first attempt has come out looking quite good. The rails and the rest of the track as well as the Phone lines have come out in very good perspective and do not appear to be looking of that badly only slightly notice able with the phone wire poles.

One Point Street¬†Another attempt at perspective but this time focusing on a street. This worked and didn’t work, it work in a sense with the lower half of the buildings and the main part of the street but for some reason when I got to the upper part of the buildings the perspective seemed to go weird, I think that for higher buildings two point might be a better choice.

Two Point Perspective box attempt 2

Two Point Boxes Attempt 1

Two Point Perspective Attempt 3

These perspective drawings where all attempts at Two Point Perspective so I used quadrilateral based shapes to help me and they all came out decent looking and in perspective.

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