Narative Food Vendor: Influences

Dong Dong: A photographer and artist who has a wide range of environmental images both taken via his camera or has created via his own hands. What caught my attention I find influencing about his work is that a majority of his creations are based on street vendors in all shapes and sizes and sells a wide range of products.

Click here to see his work:

His work is very inspiring due to the fact that there is a wide range of image of Vendors to look and to give me ideas from, one of my favorite of his image art is the image below:

I want to haggle in true souk fashion in Egypt. <3  
khan al-hkalili by Jeffrey T. Horvath Due to the fact that the store offers a wide range of products from food to clothing and the way it presents these items that the vendor is attempting to sell to the general public. They whey it is positioned as well is quite convenient due to the fact that it is noticeable when you enter that location/area and isn’t avoidable in a sense of either purposely or accidentally. I might base one of my designs of this style of Vendor due to the fact that it is convenient in a sense of it’s small but because it has a wide range of products placed on it is hard not to notice what is their and the size enhance the products in the process.

Assassin’s Creed Franchise: I found this game inspirational due to the fact that this game focuses largely on Vendors as a means of blending in and hiding from your target and pursuers.

This is a quite interesting means of vendors due to the fact that through out the game there are vendor stalls of all sort of shapes and sizes for you to blend in with to hind from people and this gives me large span of vendors that can inspire me for my own vendor design. The wide range of vendors stalls is quite interesting because I will never run out influences for my vendor stall with all the different variations based within this game.

Click here to see AC Vendors:

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