Creative Futures: Narrative Bus Stop Design Ideas Part 4

Here is the next idea, which is based on the theory of Time Travel which currently is been used a lot in media in various forms such as BBC’s Doctor Who, X-Men days of Futures Past, The Time Machine, Back to Th Future Trilogy and Project IMG_20150220_0004ALMANAC, theses are some of the inspirations that I have looked into. Although most time machine are often mobile due to the fact that they are considered easier to move this way and to allow the time machine to change location when it is traveling through time. Although this time portal is designed to travel to the time that is input within the machine as long as there is another time portal in that time, the down side with it is that it has to be constantly watched cause it is left on for too long, people and creatures from other times may accidentally walk through or a tear maybe made with the space time continuum. This idea is appealing because lots of people like the idea of going back in time to see a point in time that they desire, although the fact that going back in time puts the entire timeline and everything the time travel loves at risk of been altered, which is considered of putting.

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