Creative Futures: Narrative Bus Stop Design Ideas Part 3

Here is the third Idea. This idea is based on the concept of black holes, no it is a known fact that not object can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole, not even light but when a object is pulled through a black hole it is changed physically in IMG_20150220_0003appearance this process is described scientifically by Spaghettification (And yes this is the correct scientific term), this is due to the fact that when the object travel through the black hole due to the force it is stretched really far making it look like a piece of spaghetti when it comes out the other end of the black hole. Now the reason I considered this is as a means of a bus stop is that it seem quite interesting that if one could use a black hole as a means of transport without been killed by it. Then it might be a interesting means of getting from one location to another, that is why in the idea their are what look like magnets, that is because they are they are made from a super dense material that can resist the pull of the black hole and are able to keep the black hole stable because they can generate enough electrical charge to do so, the metal also help people not become spaghettified.

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