Creative Futures: Narrative Bus Stop Design Ideas Part 2

Here is the next idea I had for the Bus Stop. This idea focuses on radiation by this I mean that those who step inside the the tube are turned into various forms of radiation and transported via the pipes connected to the tube to another tube in the desired location and are resembled by another tube. The idea came to me one night when I was drawing up the idea for the bus stop, what I think is interesting about this design is that it sounds quite strange but at the same time this is appealing and draws in the target audience in effectively. on the other this idea is still very appealing due to the fact that it is a very unique IMG_20150220_0002way of traveling to another location. The reason why I chose this design idea is because it is so unique and from the research I have done this idea is quite unique although it looks a lot like teleportation it isn’t and the part about been turned into various wave lengths of radiation ins’t actual painful the idea was designed to make the journey as quickly and a s painlessly as possible. I came up with this is idea because one of the fastest traveling substances in this universe so far recorded is in fact radiation because of how many variation of it their are.

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