Creative Futures: Narrative Bus Stop Design Idea Part 6

The next design idea was influenced by various forms of animated series such as Phineas and Ferb, Digimon and Tron. The idea is this digitization, which basically the user or target audience is given the ability/means to digitize themselves (turn them selves into digital data) which is then beam into the nearest WIFI connection. The data is then transferred to the desired location and they are realised back into reality. The idea I found was quite interesting and certainly unique because using the IMG_20150220_0006internet and WIFI as means of transport instead of looking up information or checking your emails is certain unique in many way and this helps draw in the target audience because this is certain a different way to travel compared to cars and it can you get you where you want to go in a such a short amount of time especially if you want to travel to another country compared to other means to get there such as planes or boats.

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