TTAP Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver Chosen Design

Here is the Chosen Design of Ploceidae The Weaver.


This design was chosen for Ploceidae The Weaver because it suits him and his personality perfectly for example the head design is based on the world war 2 pilots hat and it not only captures the concept that he is a skilled pilot but that he is a bird and he loves to fly or travel at high speeds. This is appealing due to the fact that it shows of part of the characters nature and their name perfectly. The Hands where chosen because it shows his talents in Sky Fu and that he has a sense of warriors honor and skills, which makes him more appealing because the bandages basically define him as a hero/warrior. The leg design was chosen because was because yet again they define some of his characteristic mainly his species this is due to the feathers near the opening of his shoes and the bird eyes on the front of the shoes. This is appeal because it gives an idea about the character as well as his talents which is flying and piloting, which basically is part of his nature the shoe also show the target audience the style the character prefers, which for Ploceidae is Casual but serious which is technically his nature. The body was chosen because when I was designing him, the jacket short of clicked into place with the rest of the body and seems to define him quite well as well as short of giving a feel of an actual pilot and maybe a martial arts expert.

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