TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver Head Development Ideas

Here are the Developed ideas of Ploceidae the Weaver’s Head Design, the first head on the top right of the image is a reference to the original idea, so that I can refer and develop the idea further. The colour underneath where to give me ideas for the Character’s colour scheme, which can be seen later on in another blog in the future with images of the final design. IMG_20150218_0002The first idea is next to the reference image in the top left of the image, the only difference between this and the original is that the beak is longer and straighter then the original, this was done to make Ploceidae look more like his name sake a Weaver bird, This was effective and appealing because he seemed less threatening and more friendly, as well as more Weaver Bird like. The next idea is below the reference yet again has more changes like it’s predecessor, the beak is longer but has more of a curve to it and the pilots hat has no speakers at the base of them. This offered some appeal because his head doesn’t seem as bulky with the headset/ear mufflers. The next Idea is on the second row of the image on the far left and their is one change to the image, which is the goggle are made to look more futuristic by have a single shade that appears more square shaped. This image is appealing because i have deeper into the actual Mobian feel with this idea then the others and this is shown by the futuristic goggles. The next idea is on the third row the first on the right, the idea again has futuristic goggles but his beak covers more of his face and is more curved and the goggle have the ear muffs again. This is somewhat appealing because he looks more serious and this can draw in the target audience quite effectively if it co-aligns with the characters personality and description. The next idea is located on the third row and is on the left. The idea again has futuristic goggles and has no ear muffs, as well as the beak been straighter again, this is some what appealing but at the same time it isn’t because the beak is miss guiding and makes him look more like a humming bird then a Weaver Bird. The final idea is at the very bottom and isn’t very appealing because I attempted to base his goggles of a pair of skiing goggles, which came out terribly and give of a bad appearance which isn’t appealing at all.

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