TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver Body Development

This next section is a few developed ideas for the Ploceidae’s Body. There are no references images with this develop idea section. The first Idea is is on the top row on the right, this idea is basically focusing on the architecture/building/Inventor side of Ploceidae, this is shown by the wrench that is located within the top pocket of IMG_20150218_0003Ploceidae’s jacket, this is appealing because it gives a strong sense of the Character’s personality and Characteristics. The next idea is located on the top row in the middle, this idea focused on the original but the sleeves were longer then the original. This idea was not very appealing, yes it may look some what attractive to the eye but the sleves are too long and make the character look ridiculous. The next idea is on the top row on the left, The idea is a combination of the original idea and a WW2 pilots jacket. This is some what appealing due to the fact that it focuses on one of the major characteristics of the character, which is his species and his piloting. The next idea is located on the second row on the right. This idea focuses more on the pilot jacket then the original idea except the collar has been removed, this idea is some what appealing but unfortunately the jacket came out looking more like a dinner jacket, which i wasn’t going for. The next idea again was based on the WW2 Pilots jacket and again came out looking like a dinner jacket, yet I altered the design slightly. The final idea is based on the original only the sleeves are slightly more longer.

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