TTPA Appeal: Plociedae the Weaver body design

The next set of Design ideas is to do with the body of Plociedae the Weaver, their is a wide variety of different style that I have drawn up for this section due to the fact the body is one of main definitions of the Mobian body.


The first design is a standard mobian chest the only difference of this from the standard form is that I tried to make it look more bird like by having his chest covered in feathers, this looks somewhat appealing but at the same time it can be quite disturbing due to the fact it appears more like chest hair. The second design idea is to the right of the first ideas, is my personal favorite because the jacket that Plociedae is wearing in this image gives a sense of not only his personality but also his age, which is 19, this look also is appealing to the eye and make the character seem relate-able. The Third Design Idea is located underneath the first idea is designed on Plociedae’s Sky Fu skills, this shown by him wearing a Gi (A robe warn by Martial Arts students and masters since ancient times). This came out looking some what appealing to the eye and help define the character but at the same time it doesn’t suit a mobian form to that degree. The next design idea is under the second design idea and goes on the bases of a open jacket again, giving Plociedia a mysterious appeal that draws in the attention of the target audience effectively. The next design idea is the very Untitled-1bottom left of the first image, this is idea was an extension of the first jacket based idea and also has shorter sleeves, this idea isn’t that appealing due to the fact that the coat appears to be too long and covers too much of the body. The next design idea is located in the first image at the bottom right, like the other jacket designs this one was adjusted, this time it s a lot shorter then the original one and there are no sleeves, this has not much appeal because it gives a feel of cheapness in the character. The next design idea is located in the second image and is the one on the right, the design is based of a world war 2 Pilots jacket, this was chosen due to the fact that the appeal gave way to the characters nature strongly the same was done for the design idea next to it only a different style of jacket.

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