TTPA Appeal: Ploceidae Head Design Ideas

The next design Ideas I drew out where designs for Ploceidae’s Head. Again the head has to show traits of the the characters personality and their characteristics.


The first design idea for the head of Ploceidae is designed with the standard eye design for a Mobian and has a medium sized beak that is designed to look similar to a natural Weaver Bird’s beak, the head also has a pilots hat and goggles on that define part of his personality, which is that of been a natural flyer and a pilot. The second design is to the right of it’s predecessor and look very similar to it, except the beak is longer and thinner then the original the pilot hat and goggle look more like the original WW2 Pilots hat, again the reason for this hat is that he is a pilot and a bird so it seemed reasonable for the character to have a pilots hat, the design does look some what appealing and does give away something about the character but not enough about him and seems kind of bland. The next design is below the second head design and has a pilots hat from a modern plane, although this design does indeed show part of the characters personality/characteristics the idea doesn’t seem to work that well with the character unfortunately and doesn’t look very appealing to the eye. The next design idea located underneath idea number 3, for this design idea, it was designed to have a hair style that focused on the actual bird figure of the Weaver Bird unfortunately the hair style came out looking terrible and doesn’t look that appealing to the eye the beak has also been shrunk an looks alright with the hair style but still looks somewhat awkward. The next design idea is next to the hair style one, this design was focused on the Sky Fu side of Plociedae personality by giving him a Martial Arts styled head band this looks appealing because it shows of one of Plociedae skills and show how serious he with it, the beak has also been shrunk down in size but doesn’t seem that appealing with the head band or the eyes. The final design idea for the head was again focusing on hair style by making his hair out of feathers unfortunately it came out looking terrible and not very appealing.

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