The Twelve Principles of Animation: Appeal Character Design Idea Choice

The Character I chosen to do for this Mini Brief is Weaver. I chosen Weaver due to the fact that the name has spike my interest and that the name implies a wide range of applications to it that the character could be possible based on. I did some research on the name as well before making my choice the link below will show some of the data that I have gathered to help influence my choice with the character’s name.


Theses two animals drew my attention at first when I began the research into Weaver as a character and what they name could mean so I could understand the character I was designing better.


The first result you get when you type in the name Clank on the internet is the famous mechanical Hero/Sidekick/Partner of Ratchet. When the name was suggested out of the three name, Clank the Robot was the first thing I thought off all though their other applications for the name, such as a mechanic which was suggested in other set of notes for the appeal, this name doesn’t really grab my attention and I believe it has been used quite a bit.


The Word Mort according to my research can have a wide meaning of things such as some one who looks intelligent but is never there or it has something to do with Hunting Deer. Once I read this it spiked my interest in the name but not enough like the name Weaver did, but gave the idea of something involving hunting or a Spirit of Embarrassment (Mort can be short for Mortified, which means embarrassed). Mort also came up from my search as a character from the Madagascar Franchise, A Lemur who is obsessed with his king.

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